Our Production and Distributorships

Speed Controls &
Servo Motor Drive


Thermocouples &
Dimensions Tools

Thermocouple Plug Sockets,
In-Head Converters

Handheld Thermometers, Tachometers & Distance Meter

Sensors, Photocells,
Piston Sensors & Reflectors

SSR, Analog Input SSR,

Buttons, Signal Lights,
Warning Lights, Potentiometer

Ferrules, Glands, Cable Ties, Hand Tools, SKP Shoes, Adhesive Crochets, Macarons

Silicone, Glass Fiber Cables,
Safety Barrier

Switches, Pedals, Fans

Our Dealership

Since 2002, our company becomes innovative, trustable with the help of its growing acceleration and it is one of the pulse taking companies in electric-electronic and automation sector. From establishment till now, it achieves an impression by its focus to marketing and projects. Entering the market with its thermocouple, our company supplies many different features and stands by its products with our technical staff. Our company also produces speed control, servo drivers and many other products to serve the market with it large technical employee and for customer satisfaction. Our aim is to carry our portfolio to further with the support of our customers and suggestions.

Current news


Firmam?z 2002 y?l?ndan bu yana Elektrik-Elektronik ve Otomasyon sektörlerinde h?zla büyüyen ivmesiyle endüstrinin nabz?n? tutan, yeniliklere aç?k, güvenilir ve geli?meci bir firma olmu?tur. Kuruldu?u günden bugüne kadar üretim, sat?? ve proje odakl? ...